For the love of the harp…


I love Bob Dylan. I listen to mostly his early music, and there is something about his voice that I find so calming, it does make one sit and pause. (And we do need that occasional moments now don’t we?) Along with that distinctive singing voice of his in comes his harmonica, an instrument that naturally blends in with him, like bread and butter does. With his intelligently written lyrics and guitar, it all blends in… music so natural, music that’s real, music that refreshes one’s soul.

I scored a chromatic harmonica some few years back, with hopes that I can someday play it Bob Dylan style. And although I’m not quite the blues playing little cat that I want to be, it’s been fun playing it to children or just to myself. 😉 Something that just passes time!

I’ve also heard that there are these mini harp necklaces too that you can just wear around and play music with, but never actually got to get my hands on one. For the love of Bob Dylan and the harp, it’s something that I’ve always wanted, a teeny tiny music maker that I could just wear around with me…

Lo and behold! One happy Unique LA day, it was found for me by Paul, the perfect harp necklace, from  Charcoal Designs, who was the table right next to us!

Kat's Hobo Harp Necklace

My own teeny harp!

It was meant to be. It doesn’t work the same way as real harmonicas do, but hey, you can still blow away one or two note solos now can’t you? 😉

In between selling we’d chit chat a bit with Laura and Mike from Charcoal Designs, and I found it really interesting on how much attention to detail Laura puts in into her work on creating her intricately designed hand cast resin pieces. A lot of lovely little playful accessories in her site one just ought to check out! (Makes it even more special knowing that there’s a lot of love that comes with these whimsical and unique vintage-esque items!)

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