Create Your Own Fan Club Promo

The gift giving season is here again, and we cannot think of anything cooler than custom hand-crafted goodies!  There’s something special about giving something that you just can’t buy from the store, and this is one of them!

Create your Own!

While we set up the ordering process for your very own personalized ‘Fan Club’ custom button/badge, we invite you to participate in our giveaway Thanksgiving special!  To qualify, leave a comment in this post that answers the question: “Why do you like your favorite ice cream flavor?” or “What does Thanksgiving mean to you?”  Be sure to leave your email address (don’t worry, only we see it – it does not show up on the site) so we can contact you if you have won your own set of custom goodies!

We will choose 3 random winners on Sunday, November 30, and will post the results as soon as we can!  Winners will receive a package of 2 free custom badges.  This comes with a money-back guarantee, so join the raffle today!

UPDATE: Raffle is now closed!  Congratulations to all teh winners!  You will be contacted shortly. 🙂

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