Postcards and Polaroids

If there’s something that Paul and I have in common, it’s our love for all things analog. Be it driving our 79 VW bus, snail mail writing, and photo taking… there seems to be more meaning in them, rather than the click-and-go things that our world’s just accustomed to.

Lately I’ve been tinkering around on Polaroids more c/o my Instant Back+ for my Diana F+ camera trying to fill up the walls in my room. So far so good.

Polaroid madness!

Polaroid madness!

And speaking of Polaroids and the love of vintage…

Polaroid Postcards from Papermash

Aren't they lovely?

Papermash makes such lovely Polaroid postcards! A definite must have for all you postcard lovers out there. Perhaps you can even turn them later on to something like this:

Postcard Banner via Design Sponge

Postcard Banner via Design Sponge

Oh, guess what, Papermash also has a competition now where you can win a year’s worth of stationary for you to write away on! Click here for more details. I’d love to win one of those myself! Good luck! 😉

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