Who’s got Soul?

Totally unrelated, but I find myself singing a lyric from the Killers: “I got soul, but I’m not a soldier.”  Now I’ll probably have LSS on my head each time I take a picture or pickup the guitar.

I found the Souldier Straps booth towards the end of RCF’s first day, and I knew I was going to get something.  It was just a matter of wiping the drool off my face and choosing a pattern that spoke to my personality.  And boy, do they speak!  Kat actually beat me to it, and got me a new camera strap!  I’ve always wanted to replace the camera strap I use since I get bothered by the huge corporate logos that usually adorn them (ehem, Nikon/Canon), and I’ve always liked being nondescript about gear.

Souldier Guitar Strap

My Souldier

Aside from the camera strap, I also decided to pickup a new guitar strap even though the one I’ve had for 13 years was holding up fine – I’m sure this one would stay with the guitar for quite awhile.

We love not only their gear, but their name also.  Show your soul. 🙂

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