The Plan

The Comics

The Dog

For those who have not had the pleasure of meeting the little furball, here is a little introduction. We adopted Nickel in the summer of 2007 after he turned 3 years old. After a series of events that almost left him homeless, our lives changed when Lovine decided to take him in.

Just like winning the lottery, the best surprises in life happen unexpectedly. A friend pointed out to us that you cannot "choose" your dog, because the one that is meant to be will always find a way into your life. And into our lives this little dog found his way, indeed.

Nickel is undoubtedly our most loyal friend, from whom we have learned that there is nothing as important as being together, spending time with the people (and dog) that you love. In this world where we are pushed to consume more than what you require, to want more than you need, spending your day with your best friend immediately grounds your feet into the understanding that there is more to life than making money and spending it. Perhaps all dogs teach us that life is more about making friends. Then spending your money on them.

From the frozen mountains of Yosemite, to the depths of the sand dunes in Death Valley, Nickel comes attached to our hip, ready to party.

And so that is the story of the white dog you see on our wedding invitation. He is our loyal companion, the guy who helped Lovine propose to Kat, our ring bearer... our best friend.

Visit his website here: Hello, Nickel

The Bus

Vanessa is a 1979 Type 2 Volkswagen Transporter Bus, who was first introduced to us in the winter of 2007. We met through a Craiglist ad, a one-way train ticket to Eugene Oregon, and massive balls of steel in our pants. And with that, logic went out the window and we took her on her nine-hour maiden voyage south to San Francisco, down the golden coast for a new set of adventures.

She has cradled us in countless breathtaking moments (like that time we picked up smelly hitchhikers who had just emerged after two weeks in the depths of the forest), through good times and through bad. We've explored the forest roads in search of fire watchtowers, transported Coachella festival virgins, cooked meals at rainy Giant Sequoia forests, hauled christmas trees, and even took us to work in the depths of North Hollywood on hot summer days. She even fulfilled the amorous duty of Wedding Bus, in our epic Death Valley Off-The-Beaten-Track wedding.

Volks in Yosemite

And after all that, as the Carpenters once sang, "we've only just begun".

Volkswagens are simple creatures, and personify our relationship with the world. We are not the kind to drive fast fancy cars, and live chasing after frivolous pursuits. We understand the beauty of simplicity, driving (really) slow with the windows down, and meeting new people that Vanessa has always drawn towards us. Our idea of romance is not a candle-lit dinner for two, but rather hitting the road with the wide-eyed wonder of insatiable curiosity.

There are rules that other people ask you to live by, and there are rules that we break to create our own. This, shall be our honeymoon.