Death Valley

Death Valley National Park is located on the eastern border of California, beside Nevada. It was through a solo scooter camping trip that Lovine passed through DV the first time in the Fall of 2007, when he quickly realized the sheer vastness of the desert required multiple visits to even begin to understand. Most enticing was the enchantment of isolation - the stars shone brighter, the incredible views asked all the right questions. It was a place were you could discover yourself, by being outside of it. With Kat and Nickel in tow, they introduced other friends to the mysterious vastness they would explore in every trek across the lonely Highway 190 and the dirt roads beyond.

The Racetrack

In October 20 of 2011, Lovine and Kat got married at a dried ancient lakebed called the Racetrack Playa. Getting to the location involves 28 miles of washboarded off-roading, several hours from the park center. This place features mysterious moving rocks, which even modern science is unable to explain.

To the west of the Racetrack, is an outcrop of boulders called The Grandstand that rises majestically from the flat expanse of the lakebed. This, is where Lovine and Kat exchanged their vows.

Why Was I Not Invited?

Because you are not our 1) parent, 2) sibling, 3) officiant, or 4) photographer/videographer. And we doubt you would want to be placed in any of those categories. :)

The desert is a special place for the both of us, and the remoteness of the Racetrack Playa meant it would be virtually impossible to conduct a modest wedding ceremony without pulling several miracles that are not realistically possible. So instead, we dragged our immediate family into the wild and exchanged our vows in a simple ceremony in the middle of nowhere - exactly how we like it.

Where are the Pictures?

We will be showing pictures and a very nice feature video (shot on film!) of our wedding at the Reception on March 31, 2012.

We are also scheduling a reception in Manila Philippines sometime in the middle of this year. We hope to see you soon!