Going the Distance

As some of you may have known, the distance of Lovine and Kat's courtship spanned roughly 350 miles: a 6 hour drive (unless Vanessa the VW Bus does the hauling) or a 50 minute flight, at least twice a month, for more than six years. Kat was a consistent "A-List" flyer on Southwest Airlines, a medal of honor for the frequent flyer who can be found navigating the BART, Oakland Airport, and the Burbank airport almost every other weekend. Lovine and Nickel meanwhile, can be found taking potty breaks on all the gas stations that line up Interstate 5.

Waiting for Kat at Burbank Airport

A Plan is Hatched

In the summer of 2011, Lovine found the perfect way to end one of the greatest long distance dating endurance marathons of their time. They have been doing this Oakland - Burbank leg like nobody's business, and have traveled the expanse of Northern/Southern California like it was going out of style. Six years later, Lovine finally decides to make things come full circle, and give Kat a little surprise - 30,000 feet in the air.

Please Fasten Your Seatbelts

It was the weekend of the infamous Annual Tarzana BBQ, and Lovine was about to turn 30 years young. It was another "routine" flight for Kat to Burbank, where she was expecting Lovine to pick her up for the weekend festivities.

A typical weekend at Tarzana

Let's just say it was so crazy, that they ended up on the news. Literally!

Nickel is on the news!

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